ProphecyIQ is a cloud based solution to many problems facing the telecom industry. The platform consisted of 3 main features that made it to production, as well as many other concepts that were cutting edge but unfortunately never reached production. The product had a live wallboard dashboard that users could customize to display up to date call centre information as well as two additional products that could be bundled together. The first was nLighten and the second was nForm.
02 nLighten
nLighten was a cloud call recorder which means that it recorded calls and allowed for search, recovery, and playback of calls. nLighten also had innovtive speech analytics tools that transcribed calls to increase speed and accuracy of finding the right call.
03 nForm
nForm was the reporting product for the prophecyIQ platform. nForm allowed supervisors and admins to create customized reports on all aspects of their call centres.
Head of UX/UI Design & Creative Director
During my time atProphecyIQ I used my experience with design thinking methodologies to educate the entire team on the benefits of design led development and successfully integrated design and design thinking into an agile workflow.

As the User Experience and User Interface Designer I created a variety of design thinking assets, wireframes, visual mock ups and click through prototypes. I also delivered the designs with specifications for implementation across all responsive screen sizes. 

I handled the brands creative direction. I designed the brand identity and system for prophecyIQ, nLighten, and nForm as well as developed the brand guide, colour schemes, imagery, and marketing materials.

brand identity development of core brand and supporting applications.

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